The Holistic Approach


What is Holistic Nutrition?

Welcome!  I hope you are here because you are thinking about taking some positive action(s) regarding your health and wellness.  There comes a point for many people when they realize it's time to take their health into their own hands.  There is A LOT of information regarding health and  nutrition out there. That is precisely why someone like myself is here to help.  Everyone's journey and challenges are unique. My goal is to bring clients some focus, clarity, balance and share my knowledge to help you achieve your personal health goals.     

Holistic Nutrition, as it's name suggests, addresses the WHOLE self and is about achieving balance in our body, mind and spirit.  With the use of whole foods, herbs, skincare products and whole food supplements we strive to bring the body back into a state of balance.  Any of  signs of illness or dis-ease tell us the balance has been disrupted. (Dis-ease means just that - we have come out of "ease" or balance).  The symptoms that our body reveals to us are physical expressions that homeostasis has been disrupted.  The more severely a symptom has manifested, the further from balance and harmony we have come.  The sooner we act on the early symptoms our body presents, the faster we can address the root cause of the problem and re-balance. We will never feel completely well by only addressing and treating symptoms without investigating their cause. 

 My belief is that we were not meant to live and die in poor or sub-optimal states of health.  And why would we when we do not have to?  The body is always striving to find balance, and when given what it needs to do so the results are nothing short of miraculous.  When we paint a picture such as this it starts to become more simple.  

You will not find any numbers, diets of deprivation or calculating here in holistic nutrition.  The better you start eating the better you start feeling and the less you feel deprived. It becomes easier over time, not harder to sustain.  When we eat quality whole foods that are nutrient dense and balancing to our blood sugar, we give our body what it needs. Cravings and energy dips begin to diminish.  As we learn over time what poor foods actually do to our bodies and the way they make us feel they become easier to avoid.       

      When we begin holistic nutrition "therapy" it is just that, a form of  "therapy".  Food is a very important part of our lives, our identity, our social world and our being.  The journey to optimal health is not always emotionally easy. Sometimes we may feel we are losing something or a piece of ourselves by letting go of old patterns.  But as we release what is no longer serving us and embrace the emotional process of doing so there is so much more to gain.  If you are ready for permanent lifestyle changes, at any pace that you are comfortable with, I would love the chance to help you on your journey.  I hope my passion can become your passion!
Until then I wish you peace, love and happy healthy eating!

"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses."  ~  Hippocrates