Heavy Metal Detoxification


What is the Difference Between Detoxification and Heavy Metal Detoxification Specifically?

  Most people today are very aware of the importance of detoxification, and there are many, many regimes to you can choose to follow.  There are a variety of forms of detox all beneficial in their own right. Choosing different pathways of detoxification can help achieve different results.  And ultimately depending on the result(s) someone is seeking, there is a sequence of detoxification pathways to follow in order for the best results, to feel mostly well throughout the detox and also to not harm the body in the process.  For most people this generally begins with following a clean diet and removing the major toxic elements of the diet and environment. This includes working on reducing stress and improving our emotional well being.  We can introduce simple things that gently encourage the body to release toxins.  In my opinion, including energy and frequency therapies is also very beneficial to prepare the body for detox.  Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF) improve the health of the cell and most importantly the cell membrane. this improves cellular function and cellular communication.  

The next step, which can often be done simultaneously with step one, is to focus on digestive and intestinal healing.  Once toxins and/or metals are mobilized from where the body has stashed them away, if we have dysbiosis (aka leaky gut) we essentially risk reabsorbing them.  This is one of the reasons why we may feel down right terrible during a detox, from the toxins or metals re-entering through the intestines and re-circulating. Then body will go ahead and store them all away again... not the result we want! It is also of importance to assess and support the body’s drainage modalities before and throughout detoxification. This includes the lymphatic system, liver and gallbladder. These pathways and organs must be cleared and functioning well for detox to be successful and not backfire on the body.   

The ultimate and arguably most advanced level of detoxification is to encourage the mobilization and removal of heavy metals that are stored deep in the body's tissues including the brain.  I believe this should only be encouraged after we have healed the GI tract, replenished the gut microbiome, supported the drainage pathways and completed a primary gentle release of toxins. Once we know we are in optimal intestinal health (I check this through testing) then we can advance to the metals.  Mercury, Lead and Aluminum are among the common culprits wreaking havoc within our bodies.  

How do these end up in the body you may wonder? Through the environment and the food and water supply. From specific uses in the body such as mercury tooth fillings, vaccinations, aluminum cookware. And from in the past sources such as lead piping, leaded gasoline, leaded paint, , the list could go on and on! Metals are passed down through the generations in utero so we are all born with a certain "metal load".  It takes approximately 4 generations to "breed" lead out of the body! And that is assuming the subsequent generations are raised in a lead free environment!  Metals are passed down only maternally, so knowing a little bit of your mother and grandmother’s history is helpful in decoding your own state of health. Our health begins in our grandmother’s womb; where in your mother as a fetus, the egg that will become you was formed. I Hope you could follow all that!? The deeper you want to investigate the root cause of your health issues the more interesting it gets in my opinion.

The remove heavy metals specifically we begin the process by detoxifying them from the body and then move into the brain detox portion of the protocol.  For the removal of metals we need a chelating agent.  DMSA (available in a supplement) has been the substance of choice for an oral metal chelation protocol here in Canada in the past.  There are a number of herbal and whole food methods as well, which I like to advise people of as support, but I do believe in DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic acid) as being the industry standard.  There is a link I have provided in the Links section that explains heavy metal chelation with DMSA. 

 DMSA has been used since the 1950's and is regarded as effective and safe by the World Health Organization.  It does have some unpleasant (but temporary) side effects however some of the time.  It is to my knowledge that it has been taken off the shelves as a natural health product in the USA. To read further on that click here  http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/lhommedieu/090119 . Due to this there has been great momentum in the USA by alternative health care providers to find new and even better chelators. 

  I am very excited to announce I will be offering a line of detoxification product far superior and safer than DMSA protocol in the coming months! So please stay turned! This product is currently still in launch phase in the USA and they are working to get through Canadian regulations as fast as possible so they can be available here through qualified practitioners.  I've also provided a link to the Doctor who has been working for years to develop these products, Dr Pompa. There is also a wealth of information on his website regarding heavy metals and their effects in the body.  He has an incredible story of healing from mercury poisoning himself.     

I hope you have enjoyed reading this section and it may possibly have answered some questions or curiosities you've had regarding what true detoxification and heavy metal detoxification actually entail. I am happy to explain to you further anything you wish to know about the detox process, or about the products and the upcoming detox program I am so very excited to be able offer!     

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” ~ Hippocrates